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Healing Powers of Ancient Clays


"Clay has been used for thousands of years, yet its healing powers remain a mystery. Clays for healing and beauty were used by the ancient Egyptians. The Native America Indians and other cultures have also known the magnificent qualities that certain clays embody. Now, some newly discovered or re-discovered clays are revealing some extraordinary healing powers!"

First, a few words about clay in general. Raymond Dextreit, the French naturopath who popularized the clay cure in his own country, says that clay "transcends its purely physical properties. Most of the poisons in the body," Dextreit notes, "are positively charged, whereas clay has a negative electrical attraction. These toxins cannot resist being drawn toward the clay."

From the New York Times: "Clay shimmers with electronic energy. It triggers intricate chemical reactions, and sucks poisons from the environment. The crystalline lattice of clay gives it the ability to store energy and then re-emit it."

Robert T. Martin, a mineralogist at MIT, points to certain bentonite clays "as a powerful agent of stimulation, transformation and transmission of energy." He says, "that it has a natural magnetic action and transmits an extraordinary strength to the organism, and helps to rebuild vital potential through the liberation of latent energy."

LL's Magnetic Clay formulas are unique clays that are combined in our baths for the specific purpose of detoxifying metals and chemicals from the body. Not only are they excellent for health, but also for the environment. These special selected clays vary considerably in their purpose and are in our formulas: A special bentonite (selected from over 200 varieties), Aulterra Clay, Pascalite Clay, and Intrasound Clays are used to name a few!

LL Magnetic Clay is the purest clay available today.
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PASCALITE CLAY is a rare cream-colored, calcium bentonite formed thirty million years ago in the Big Horn Mountains in Wyoming. It differs from other clays due to some unique special qualities. This clay is solar dried, and being a very sterile clay, it can be ingested internally. It is a valuable food supplement and has extraordinary qualities relating to nutrition and health. Used as a paste (mixed with water), it is effective as a pain reliever. Pascalite is a rare calcium bentonite clay which suggests a very unique "synergism" which is not completely understood. Perhaps it's due to containing a very high frequency at an energetic level.

Harvey C. Lisle, chemical engineer, specializing in biodynamics, established PASCALITE, as a "rock dust" that is "alive", radiating energy 100 feet, and possesses the ability to negate noxious energy. Placed above or below the TV set or microwave, testing show complete irradification of harmful electric energies emanating from them. In Europe it is also used successfully for rejuvenating "dead" soil and bringing dying forests back to life!

AULTERRA CLAY is a combination of three colored rock dusts (a white, a green, and a pink). It is an all-natural mineral compound which can be used with other products to enhance the frequency of the electro-magnetic field. By raising the frequency (Life Force), Aulterra dramatically increases the bio-availability on the molecular/cellular level. It is used as a dietary supplement to detoxify the body, harmonize the energy centers, and can assist the body in maximizing absorption of nutrients. This special clay is used for taking toxic metals out of water and soil, enhancing the body's ability to heal more rapidly, and neutralizing the toxic poisons in pharmaceuticals. The apparent effect this powder has on healing, harmonizing and bringing the body into balance is quite astounding.

In a recent university test, Aulterra was added to a liquid solution containing high levels of and zinc. The dropped from 200 ppm (parts per million) to 0.2 ppm in 18 HOURS, and the zinc had similar reductions! Results have also been great in radiation reduction with Chernobyl patients.

Kirilian photography, a means of taking pictures of the unseen patterns of energy or force fields, and the harmonics that permeate all substances, reveal the energy fields "before" and "after" ingesting Aulterra Clay. The use of Aulterra shows that it dramatically increases overall energy levels. Aulterra Clay appears to remove or modify fractured electrical, chemical, or other interference from out of balance, depleted or incompatible substances. In this process, it corrects chaotic energy fields and restores the substance to original molecular balance. The photos below show before and after Aulterra Clay was ingested.


Thumbprint with Aulterra
Greenfood with Aulterra

INTRASOUND POWDER is a French Kaolin clay which is infused with sound frequency via a system based upon an enormous array of passive resonators that each reflect as a single note in perfect harmony (a frequency reaching into a quintillions per second). Like a computer chip that is programmed to semi-conduct or micro-process a signal, the researcher, Mr. Roehrich, has discovered this "unique technology that consists of a means of re-ordering disordered genetic organization in living systems that have DNA as their basic governing means." This phenomenal clay brings "balance" into the body for it (the body) to heal itself! Intrasound powder can be used internally in small amounts, diluted in water. It is also used in LL's Magnetic Clay Detox Baths.

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