Healing clay baths - detox your body with a simple clay bath
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Which Detox Clay Bath Do I Use?


2.5kg of Clay - 10 Baths
Make sure to read the 'Instructions' before ordering.

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ENVIRONMENTAL: This bath is for pollutants, insecticides, pesticides, vaccination poisons, industrial pollution, chemical warfare, and almost all chemicals including food additives, chlorine, etc. Also used for nickel and other metals not covered by the other formulas. Very helpful in radiation and lead detoxification.

DENTAL/MERCURY: This kit is for assisting the clearing of dental/mercury poison from amalgams, fish and vaccinations.

SMOKER'S/DRUG: This formula assists in removing toxins found in cigarette smoke (cadmium), tobacco, drugs,, and medical drugs or recreational drugs, smoke inhalation, etc. It is effective to release toxic substances found in tobacco such as tar, hexavelant chromium, hydrogen cyanide, nicotine, lead and arsenic.

ARSENIC DETOX: A formula that assists in removing toxins found in pesticides, industrial pollution, water supplies, and also addresses chemical wastes, assists in removing arsenic and arsenic of lead, etc.

ALUMINUM DETOX: This kit helps remove toxic aluminum found in aluminum cans (cola drinks), cookware, aluminum foil, antacids, automotive exhaust, American cheese, milk products, table salt, toothpaste & deodorants. Also assists in releasing chemical residues.

TOX-AWAY DETOX: This kit is a general detox bath to help remove metals.

CLEAR-OUT DETOX: This is our newest formula and the spices and herbs in this are known for various situations that are present with metal and chemical poisons, such as digestive problems, parasites in the body, depression, etc. This bath also addresses the following metals: lead (lead poisoning), arsenic, mercury and aluminum poisoning. A great bath for a general detoxification.

Many people like to see the results of the bath of the toxins being pulled into the clay from their own body. These can be seen with Clear-Out, Smoker's/Drug Detox and Dental/Mercury Detox. The Tox-Away, Arsenic, Aluminum and Environmental formulas all have activated charcoal (black powder) and one cannot see the results in those formulas but many FEEL the results.

If you are undecided, use the Clear-Out bath. It is a bath that is for general detox use.

For more information or to ORDER ☎ 0411-597 094 or click here.
bulletWhich Bath to Use!!!bulletBio ChelatbulletHeavy Metal Screen Test
bulletInstructions Tub BathbulletInstructions Foot BathbulletInstructions Clay Packs
bulletChildren Detox Bathsbullet Clean-up Choices
bulletHealing Powers of ClaybulletBenefits of Healing ClaybulletScientific Tests Show ProofbulletClay Analysis bulletClay Baths SAVE $2000bulletPoisoning SymptomsbulletClay RejuvenationbulletSuggested Book List
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For more information or to ORDER ☎ 0411-597 094 or click here.

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