Healing clay baths - detox your body with a simple clay bath
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What is it?
LL's MAGNETIC CLAY is a very fine, mineral-rich, volcanic clay called bentonite in its pure form without harmful, commercial emulsifiers. There are over 200 different kinds of bentonite clay and many of them have a variety of uses and results. We have tested and researched many different clays from around the world and found none that compare with our clay for removal of chemical and metal toxicity. The clay is mixed with a unique blend of herbs, spices, and special ingredients to enhance the detoxification of the body of various dangerous environmental poisons. Different formulas of the LL's MAGNETIC CLAY are specifically aimed at particular detox programs, such as one for environmental and chemical pollutants. One bath rids years of accumulated toxic chemicals and metals in your body.

How Does it Work?
The minute particles of clay provide a large negatively charged surface area in proportion to volume. When mixed into a tub of very warm water, the clay opens the pores of the skin and has a magnetic `pulling effect' and draws out many times its weight in positively-charged toxic particles.

How Often Should I Take LL's MAGNETIC CLAY Detox Baths?
It is suggested a series of three or six baths in the beginning, spacing them a week or two apart. Thereafter, do a `spring cleaning' detox bath and an `autumn cleaning' detox bath to keep the metals and chemicals out! However, toxic substances absorbed over many years may be stored deep in the tissues. For these more entrenched toxic conditions, a longer-term plan to detoxify the body may be necessary with computer hair analysis, and other products assisting in the process.

How do I Prepare for the Bath?
It is helpful, but not necessary, to eat a cleansing diet with fresh fruits and vegetables and herbal cleansing teas several weeks prior to the bath. Also, you can boost your immune system with `green foods' such as Chlorella (some chlorella's have mercury in them so be careful), spirulina, blue-green algae, or microclusters.

Can I use the Clay in Ordinary Bathtubs?
Yes. By using a `hair trap' or `sink strainer guard' to prevent drain clogging and by taping it with duck tape or plumber's tape to ensure safety from going down the drain. Our Clay Dissolving agents assist in easy clean-up. If you have a small bathtub and cannot get completely immersed in water up to your neck, during the clay bath, then turn on your side for ten minutes and then the other side for the other ten minutes.

How do I Know that LL's MAGNETIC CLAY BATH is Working for Me?
The clay that settles to the bottom of the tub during the bath has absorbed the impurities and toxins drawn from the body. This clay may appear darker than the rest, even black. The color of the water in the tub may also change. Even though the color does not change, toxins are still being pulled out. You may experience a feeling of physical or emotional relief, fatigue, or a general sensation of `lightness' after the bath. A symptom.of nausea, or a `pulling' effect from the stomach or other areas indicates toxins moving. All of these are normal reactions. Of course, a hair analysis before and after the bath can be done. Contact us for sources for having this done.

It is recommended that anyone with a heart condition, high blood pressure, pregnant women, and anyone taking prescription medications or any medical situation, should postpone the bath and check with your doctor or certified therapist. It may be acceptable to take a clay 'pack' instead of the bath or a clay 'foot bath'. Although these are not as effective, they do help.

What Follow-up is Recommended After the Bath?
Some minerals, vitamins, and electrolytes are also removed in the bath and need to be replaced immediately. It is recommended to take a 'green energy' product such as spirulina, blue-green algae, chlorella, or similar product as they have the majority of vitamins, minerals, strengthening your immune system. Information is in the bath kit.

Does the Clay have Other Uses?
Bentonite clay is used cosmetically in facial masks. Mixed with water, it can help draw out infection, reduce the swelling of insect bites, promote the healing of wounds, and reduce pain. This type of clay has great healing capacity by its magnetic "drawing power" for removing toxins. Our special type of clay formulas with specific herbal and spice enhancers create a very unique, quick, inexpensive, and natural detoxification program. We focus on clay baths to assist in the removal of chemicals and metals such as, industrial, pollution, mercury, arsenic, aluminum, , radiation and much more.

What other benefits does the clay offer?
  1. LL's MAGNETIC CLAY Is an untreated, unaltered remedy, used for thousands of years utilizing the Earth's natural healing properties.
  2. LL's MAGNETIC CLAY Is a safe and effective aid to detoxification when used according to the bath instructions. One bath releases years of toxic environmental pollutants that have been accumulating--- out of your body and down the drain.
  3. LL's MAGNETIC CLAY Is inexpensive and does not require costly equipment. It can save you hundreds of dollars and lots of time compared to chelation therapy and other forms of environmental detoxification programs.
  4. LL's MAGNETIC CLAY Bath can be taken in the privacy of your own home, with minimal inconvenience.
  5. LL's MAGNETIC CLAY'S Healing properties can be maximized if used in combination with other cleansing and maintenance programs. Check product information on Homeopathic Bio Chelate from Germany for assisting Mercury removal when the mercury is stuck in the organs or tissue, as well as PCA Spray and others.
Why is LL's Clay Baths so different than other clays?
Our detox clay formulas are different for several reasons: a) most other bentonite clays have 67% to 75% aluminum in them! b) most other bentonite clays have emulsifiers in them to make them mix smoothly which contain chemicals! c) our clay formulas are synergistically tested to work together, and d) they work better because of the strong "pulling power" of this particular kind of bentonite (there are over 200 kinds of bentonite and they vary dramatically in use and in analysis).
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