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Mercury Poisoning Test



A Personal Story by Lauana Lei


Finding Out

" Do you know you have cancer?" an American Indian Shaman asked me while we were walking in the desert in 1987. "Yes, that is possible," I replied. " It had already been told to me by a perceptive good friend. A third person was to reveal the same thing within a few months. I really didn't feel all that bad. Just worn out and tired from all the stress of a couple of jobs. (In retrospect, in looking at my own situation and working with many cancer patients at that time, it seems there is an innate similarity with cancer patients: that is --- I really did not believe that this could happen to me. It is a denial of it at many levels.)It was May, 1988, and I had been asked to be a guest at an international conference near Prescott, Arizona as the "First Aid Representative in Natural Healing". This is where I met Dan. Dan was a lawyer turned chiropractor because of his extraordinary gift of "feeling vibrational energy" and the ability to "see" into people's body at a very early age in his life. He could use his gift "quietly".With some encouragement from friends, a session with Dan was arranged. He said, "Lauana, do you know that you have cancer?" This was the third time!I asked Dan, "I understand that you have the ability to 'see' into the body. Where do you see it?" Dan replied. "I see it in the throat, the breast, and in the liver." He proceeded to tell me what herbs and vitamins to take that would help.By September, 1988, circumstances began to change. There was pain in my body and my "world" was falling apart. So much money was being spent on health products, healing sessions, etc. there was not money left to pay the rent, so I had to move. A two-car crash happened and my car was damaged severely, although neither driver was hurt and I didn't want to be a burden on my family (who lived out of state anyway).I began to wonder, where was this cancer coming from? Was there an emotional stress or mental factor in me that was creating or manifesting this condition? Why did I have repeated breast tumors again, and again? What was happening to me? I started to search for answers.

Causes and Symptoms of Cancer We all know that cancer has been on an alarming increase (1 of 3 persons get cancer). We also know how it can be prevented! According to Jethro Kloss, the author of BACK TO EDEN, "Cancer has been related to chronic auto-intoxication, constipation, radiation, inactivity of all the organs of elimination such as the lungs, liver, kidneys, skin, and bowels. When there is improper elimination of these areas they become overloaded with toxins, then the poisons accumulate around the weakest organs or where the body has been injured by a blow, fall, or bruise. The poisoning of the body has been caused by the use of improper foods, the use of tea, coffee, cola drinks, meat, liquor of all kinds, and tobacco in all forms. Some theories believe that a fatty diet is linked to cancer. Fats have been found to promote breast cancer in mice. Hormones are known to play a part in breast cancer and the current suspicion is that fats may over-stimulate hormone production or disrupt normal hormone balance.""Among the improper foods also, are meats of all kinds, especially pork, cane sugar and cane-sugar products; white flour products; white rice and all denatured foods which cause waste matter in the system. The life-giving properties and minerals are removed from much of the food that is eaten today due to the demineralization of our farmlands. The life-giving properties of food keep the blood stream pure, and CANCER WILL NOT DEVELOP WHERE THERE IS A PURE BLOOD STREAM! (author's bold and caps) Remember, cancer cannot live in a system where all the mineral elements are present."Since we Americans drink so much coffee and soft drinks, let's take a look at what we are doing to ourselves. (By the way, when I had cancer, I was drinking between 8-12 cups of coffee a day.) In an excellent report from the Wellness Center and Research Group in Portland, Oregon entitled, Effects of Caffeine, Oxalic Acid and Coffee Oils in Coffee and Cola Drinks, it states, "Dr. Harvey W. Wiley, former head of the Bureau of Chemistry of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, once demanded that all cola drinks be labeled 'Poison.' " The report also states the equally bad affect of coffee with caffeine, and also the coffee oils, causing a problem by coating the cell membranes and preventing nutrient transport into the cell."CANCER STUDY IMPLICATES COFFEE AGENT", is the headline of an article from United Press International, Washington, on June 18, 1982, and states that the results of a two-year study by the government shows a chemical commonly used in decaffeinated coffee causes liver cancer in laboratory mice!What are the symptoms of cancer? Mine was a sense of general fatigue and stress over a long period of time, which later developed into pain! Again, Jethro Kloss gives us a synopsis of some of the various symptoms of cancer. "Skin cancers often begin on the face, close to the nose, sometimes in the middle of the cheek, behind the ear, or below the ear, and maybe on other parts of the face or neck. The skin becomes rough and develops into an open sore, which gets worse and worse. Lip cancer is caused usually from smoking or from tea drinking. Sometimes cancer comes inside the mouth."Jethro Kloss adds, "Many cancers start in the stomach. The victim thinks it is merely indigestion. As it progresses, there is experienced sharp, cutting pains. After eating there is great pain and nausea, followed by vomiting. Often a brown, colored matter is vomited up. Constipation, sleeplessness, and a feverish condition are usual. There is a general wasting away, and finally death. Frequently the cancer is in the rectum, causing great distress at the stool. Sometimes the liver is cancerous, causing pain in that region and general debility. Cancer of the female organs is very prevalent, manifesting itself in the form of a fibrous tumor, sometimes as a tumor on the side of the uterus, as a sore on the mouth of the uterus, or as a cyst in the ovaries. Cancer of the breast is very common, and there is often cancer of the female organs when there is cancer of the breast. Frequently cancer begins in the bowels, or it may appear in any part of the body. There are also other causes and manifestations of cancer."I certainly had some of the symptoms: the constipation, sleeplessness, tumors, and heat emanating from the breast with sharp, shooting pains. I did a massive cleaning on myself with detoxing herbs, colonics, carrot juicing plus other juices, cranial and lymphatic massage, kneisiology testing for specific remedies, amounts, and therapies, clay packs, color therapy, frequency therapy, liver 'flushes', enzyme therapy, mineral therapy, parasite cleansing, and of course, I did a complete revision of my diet. It was during one of my colonics that the colon therapist told me what the cancerous tumors looked like. She said, "I call the cancerous tumors 'fuzzy-wuzzies' because they look like dark fuzzy balls with 'feelers' sticking out from them". When we saw them passing through the clear colonic tube coming out of my body, I came 'unglued' and literally sobbed. I was seeing it with my own eyes and could no longer deny it!

Emotional, Mental, & Spiritual Cancer Causes Parallel with the physical cleansing, there was an emotional and mental cleansing, plus some very important spiritual support (and meditation) that was incorporated in the program. The emotional cause of the cancer in my own case was "holding in grief". For others, it is often repressed anger.Visualization and imagery also played a part. Dr. Bernie Seigel (MD), attending surgeon at Yale-New Haven Hospital and clinical professor of surgery at Yale Medical School, believes in mind over cancer! According to an article entitled Mind Over Cancer, in PREVENTION magazine, March 1988 issue, his therapy practices include an unconventional method of using imagery techniques. He says, "Patients who get well when they are not supposed to are not having spontaneous remissions. They're experiencing self-induced healing." He says in the article that survival of cancer has as much to do with the mental attitude as the extent of the disease.There are some wonderful books on positive thinking related to health. One of them entitled, You Can Heal Yourself, by Louise Hay, states the cause of wrong thinking that creates disease in the body and the affirmations to correct it. The same book speaks of cancer as the result of "deep hurt, longstanding resentment. Deep or secret grief eating away at the self. Carrying hatreds." She suggests the following affirmation: "I lovingly forgive and release all of the past. I choose to fill my world with joy. I love and approve of myself." She lists the various diseases with the specific emotional-mental causes. Another book to check out is: Your Body Believes Every Word You Say by Barbara Levine.

Environmental Causes

According to the World Health Organization, "it is estimated that up to 85% of all cancer cases are the direct result of exposure to environmental factors." (author's bold). (Taken from a NEWSWEEK article published January 26, 1976.) The article goes on to state that cancer may be "a man-made disease."Dr. Samuel S. Epstein, an environmental toxicologist at Case Western Reserve University Medical School, states that cancer growth rates have nearly tripled since 1900, and relates that it may be due to "the introduction into the universe of potent chemical agents which are largely untested for adverse public-health effects." The environmental factors of cancer producing elements stated in hundreds of newspaper articles reveal the tremendous amount of chemicals, radiation, nuclear, ELF waves (extremely low frequency waves), etc. to which we are exposed every day.Among the environmental hazards associated with cancer are chemical and industrial hazards. According to the New York Times Service, NY in an article in the Arizona Republic on Friday, October 11, 1974 entitled, Cancer Epidemics Feared Unless Environmental Substances Are Controlled, states "that the thousand or more substances in the environment cause 60 to 90 percent of the nearly 700,000 cases of cancer in the United States each year." That was in 1974? What about the present day!One of the biggest sources of chemicals is chlorine in water. "Chlorinated Water Causes Cancer", is the topic of an article in Christ is the Answer, October, 1977 issue. Another source on this subject, Dr. Michael Alavanja, an assistant professor in Environmental Health and Epidemiology at Hunter College in New York found in his study that chlorinated water is a major cause of cancer throughout the United States. "Those who drink water in which chlorine has been added run a 44% greater risk of dying from certain types of cancer than those who use non-chlorinated water, according to a new U.S. government funded study." To further substantiate the hazards of our drinking water, Joseph M. Price, M.D. has written a book entitled, Coronaries/Cholesterol/Chlorine. He says that, "tap water is blamed for ½ million deaths each year in America. An insidious poison in each glass of the municipal water system responsible for so much suffering and death in modern time is CHLORINE." Another substantiation of unsafe drinking water: Ralph Nader's 114 page report of January, 1988 reveals, "In spite of the Safe Drinking Water Act of 1974, 97 carcinogens, 82 mitagens, 28 acute and chronic toxic contaminants and 23 tumor promoters have been detected in the U.S. drinking water since 1974."In my own case of cancer, I had not focused on the environmental causes until sometime later. With all the regimen above, the cancer expelled from my body within four months. It wasn't until much later that I was made aware of the heavy toxic chemical and metal load that had broken down my whole immune system. The testing was done from three different sources in Las Vegas, in California, and a separate blood sample sent to a laboratory in Colorado which resulted in finding a heavy load of dioxin, mercury, aluminum, cadmium, arsenic, , chlorine and copper. (For information on this part of my story, how I found the right kind of clay to remove the chemicals and metals, how it works, and much more, ask for the free article by the author entitled, Simple Clay Bath Saves $2,000, by Lauana Lei.) I know that if the metals and chemicals had not been removed, the cancer would have definitely returned. CHEMICALS AND METALS ARE ONE OF THE MAJOR UNDERLYING CAUSES OF IMMUNE SYSTEM BREAKDOWN. I believed in it so much that I have generated a company to formulate the many different types of clay baths for detoxification specifically for assisting in the removal of heavy chemicals and metals.During our company research, we have compiled a Chart of Diseases, which correlates the specific diseases with the specific chemicals and metals that have caused them. The chart also includes our many sources of information, wherein we are using both alternative sources and medical sources like Harvard Newsletter and the American Medical Association. TheCancer List (from the Chart of Diseases) for metals and chemicals are:

Bladder Cancer Benzene, coal combustion products, tobacco smoke, chlorine in water
Bone Marrow Cancer Benzene, Radiation
Brain Cancer Vinyl Chloride
Cervix Cancer Synthetic Estrogens
Hodgkins Disease Pesticides, Toxic Waste Sites
Kidney Disease Lead, Chloroform
Larynx Tobacco Smoke
Leukemia Radiation, Arsenic, Industrial chemicals in drinking water
Liver Cancer Arsenic, Vinyl Chloride, Chloroform
Lung Cancer Arsenic, Asbestos, coal combustion products, chemical called Benzo-a-pyrene, Ionizing Radiation, Nitrogen Dioxide, Ozone, Asbestos, Fluoride, Nickel, Tobacco Smoke, Cadmium, Arsenic, Nickel, Radioactive Materials, Synthetic/Chemical Drugs, Asbestos, Radon
Mouth Cancer Tobacco Smoke
Nasal Sinuses Cancer Nickel
Other Cancers Fluoride, Radiation, Lead
Peritoneum Asbestos
Pharynx Tobacco Smoke
Prostate Cadmium
Respiratory Enviro Toxins, Poly Nuclear Aromatic Hydro Carbons, Dioxin, Lead, Fluoride, Nickel
Skin Cancer Arsenic, Radiation
Stomach Cancer Nitrites, Nitrates, Haxavalent Chromium, Cadmium, Asbestos
Thyroid Cancer Radiation
Uterus Cancer Synthetic Estrogens
Vaginal Cancer Synthetic Estrogens

The chart of diseases also suggests the type of specific clay bath formulas to assist you in the safest and quickest way that I know of in removing these toxic metals and chemicals NATURALLY and inexpensively.Cancer can be your friend? Yes! It was one of the greatest things that happened to me! It was a terrific teacher! I learned so many different ways of healing. My choice was the natural and alternative way which opened a whole new and fascinating world. The percentages of survival, in the research that I found, were far greater with alternative methods than with standard medical. It is now twelve years later and time and health have revealed the answers. So many miracles occurred; a greater trust in the "unknown" and spiritual realms was gained and many unheard of modalities were experienced. Since I had nothing to lose --- all of them were tried. A greater compassion for those who are ill and what they are going through was gained. Yes, I had to sell my car to stay alive. Yes, I tried many different things and some did not work. Yes, the metal and chemical removal is not the whole answer, but a major one that is often overlooked! Yes, I did parasite-cleansing, virus cleansing, etc. along with immune boosting programs. Yes, many times I wondered if I would survive because of detoxifying too fast -- and then learning how to neutralize the toxins. No, it was not always fun. No, it doesn't need to take forever to get well. But it is most important to know that THERE ARE ANSWERS. If the desire to get well is strong enough and there is an ability to be "open" to other ways of healing, wonderful things can happen. Cancer taught me that it is an attitude -- not to be feared, but to know there is a way to address it, like a cold or flu. We need to cleanse the body, emotions, mind and spirit, then the body has the magnificent ability to heal itself. Cancer showed me that there are many levels to be healed! It can be a friend when a person uses it as a superb teacher! Just ask, "What is this trying to teach me?" Lauana Lei is a world traveler, and a published writer on health and environmental issues. She formulated a company in 1997 and sells her bath formulas across the country. Call 1-800-257-3315 for a free information packet. Kits are available to use in your own bath tub. Professional training is available for certified Bath Technician.




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