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Mercury Poisoning Test



Clay Baths products assist in detoxing mercury, lead and etc poisoning.


There are numerous new products to assist in the mercury removal process. Some are extremely expensive while others are very affordable for those who do not have monies which is so often the case with the "domino effect" situations. Here are a few we feel are inexpensive to moderately priced and we believe are effective, especially with our clay baths. This information is to assist doctors and practitioners in detoxification of their clients/patients.

LL's Magnetic Clay Baths for Dental/Mercury:

LL's Magnetic Clay Baths are specifically formulated for releasing toxins of heavy metals and chemicals. These unique baths have a negatively charged power that magnetically pulls positively charged particles of chemicals/metals out of the body.

The Dental/Mercury Detox Bath is by far, at the present time, our most popular bath. One can actually see the dark residue of toxins that come out of a person's bath in a matter of 15 to 20 minutes. It is non-invasive, gentle when customized for the individual, and one that can be done in a person's own bath tub with Clay Dissolving Agents used after the bath for easier clean-up.

This is the first time that LL's Magnetic Clay has come out publicly describing the ingredients that are contained in this bath. Let's review the variety of disorders that mercury has on the body first to correlate with the selection of the herbs and spices in this synergistic formula. Mercury produces a wide range of disorders but it especially works on the neurological system and creates behavioral disruptions. Candida, yeast and fungus usually binds to mercury, digestion problems prevail, leaky gut syndrome, an array of allergies occur, brain fog and memory problems along with depression, general weakness and fatigue, often time infections of the gum (gingivitis) correlating to systemic infection to organs or the body, headaches, insomnia, kidney damage, dizziness, nervousness, vision loss and cataracts, epilepsy and seizures, tremor diseases, etc.

We have selected the following for the Mecury Detoxifying Kit

  • A natural ingredient to bring the body into vibrational balance.
  • An herb which helps eliminate the toxins of METHYL MERCURY from amalgam fillings. In addition, this herb is used for removing imbalances of insecticide residues and toxins, and may be known to.improve the immune system and is thought to improve candida conditions. It is thought to have restorative qualities that "comfort the brain." This herb has been used for nervous upsets, headaches, and exhaustion.
  • An herb to help eliminate the energies of arsenic and , cancer toxins from most inorganic chemical residues, and is also used for gingivitis (gum disease), gum infections, sore throats, and for supporting good tooth enamel.
  • A common spice is specifically added for removing MERCURY POISONING, and in some references, referred as being known to help remove negative thoughts!
  • Another herb used for gum disease and mouth ulcers, used as a natural antidepressant, and excellent tonic, and has also been used as a wonderful mouthwash and gargle for sore throats.
  • A spice to eliminate the risk of energy imbalances of , poisoning, arsenic, and aluminum poisoning.
  • A spice which enhances the other herbs and is great for circulation, stimulating the nervous system and the whole body, as well as an antidote for depression which is common among persons with mercury poisoning.

    - A homeopathic formula from Germany specifically for Mercury detoxification and tests and works very well in conjunction with the clay baths.
    We have been told that Bio-Chelat draws mercury out of the tissue and is removed from body in approximately six weeks! (Using 20 drops 3X a day before meals). more...

    - NDF is an agressive chelating agent that is not a drug. It is manufactured from chlorella, cilantro and other natural products that have been processed into a tiny particle size for enhanced absorption.
    NDF is apperantly safe, simple, and effective method of systemic heavy metal and chemical detoxification that does not require a healing crisis.
    NDF by Bio Ray, Inc. 1-310-473-1813
    website: www.docray.com or www.bioray2000.com

    - Although this is not a new product, it is perhaps new in its application.
    MSM has had very good results in Mercury Detox because of its ability to release toxins trapped inside the cells. When the body gets what it wants, it will release toxins that are trapped or substances it has been hanging onto with toxins stored in them.
    It is recommended to start with 1/8 teaspoon a day to see how a person detoxes. Work up to a teaspoon or more. Recommended to take with Vitamin C. One company says that MSM is no more toxic than water. (It is the 3 rd major constituent in the body second only to water and sodium.) Sunset Supplements at 435-652-1322 approx. $28.00 per pound.

    Rosemary Plus:
    - An herbal formula that strengthens the Life Force, helps circulation, has a calming effect on the body, removes fallout, radiation and poisoning from the system, relieves pain of lower back, abdominal pain and heart pain; relieves nausea and vomiting; has a frequency of repelling negative influences; counteracts and electrical overload in our systems caused from radiations of computers, microwaves, televisions, electric blankets, etc; restores our natural magnetism (If we are magnetically balanced, viruses cannot enter our system); stabilizes our magnetic field which decreases stress and irritability, enhancing joy. The difficulties in life become opportunities for mastery and happy adventures. Stabilizes our pH factor in our systems, according to one scientist. Helps promote and maintain a sound, HEALTHY IMMUNE SYSTEM, general health and wellness. An herb in this formula helps remove Methyl Mercury. Local Distributor: 828-254-1889 Asheville, NC Price: $10.00 plus shipping.

    - (Peptidyl Clathrating Agent) According to Timothy Ray OMD LAc. Recent clinical experience with the use of a new heavy metal clathrating PCA suggests that it is more efficient, non-toxic, more cost efficient and quicker acting than DMPS and or DMSA. It is classified as a 'dietary supplement' and is not a drug. "It appears to remove heavy metals from the tissue, brain and nervous system simultaneously." Patients who.previously had little to no improvement with up to two years treatment with DMPS experienced total abatement of associated symptoms in a short time taking PCA.
    • Engulfs (clathrates) and removes heavy metals prioritized according to the descending order of their valence (i.e. heaviest first).
    • Clathrates lipopolysaccharides, cell wall residue from bacteria and virus, nucleic acid fractions from bacteria and virus, endotoxins.
    • Anti viral, anti microbial effects noticed in Hepatitis A and C.
    • Beneficial effects noticed in Hepatitis B and renal failure.
    • Is a cleanser and tonic for the liver.
    • Is completely non toxic.
    • Does not pull beneficial minerals out of the body.
    • Can be used as a PCA "challenge" instead of DMPS. In volunteers, PCA showed to be 8 times more effective than DMPS and 6 times more effective than DMSA.

    $125.00 Retail - ASN/MAXAM NUTRACEUTICS - 1-800-800-9119
    or Website: www.maxamlabs.com, E-mail: asn@george.net

    Awaken Nutrition - PCA-Rx is Awaken's living breakthrough solution to toxicity in the body. Website: www.awakennutrition.com

    Cilantro Tincture:
    (mercury from the brain and Chlorella for mercury from the gut) Your local health store. Nature's Balance 1-800-858-5198 or website: www.natures-balance.com

    Aloe Vera Concentrate:
    (Regenerates the body) Not any aloe vera will do!! It is the polysaccharides and acemanans that are the healing agent in aloe. Store-bought aloe have 0 units to perhaps 7,000 units of polysaccharides in aloe compared to the concentrated. One of the most concentrated we have found is over 30,000 units per liter or quart which means it definitely has great healing capacity. This type of aloe vera has been known to do the following:
    1. Helps cleanse every cell it touches
    2. Enhances nutrient absorption
    3. Anti-oxidant - very strong
    4. Anti viral, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic.
    5. Slows the aging process -then slows catabolic processes and accelerates anabolic processes (the rebuilding process of metabolism of the body).6) Prevents collagen breakdown (for soft skin, supple connective tissues).
    6. Provides immune support or boosts the body.
    7. It helps to cleanse, tone, and regenerate the intestinal tract.
    8. It decreases cholesterol and triglyceride levels.
    9. Calms, soothes, and increases the water content of the colon.
    10. Stimulates wound healing.
    11. It increases the water control of the colon. Restores optimal water levels of the colon.
    12. In laboratory tests, it shows that it enhances cell proliferation for more beautiful skin, liver, nerves and blood cells.
    13. Has been clinically tested for bio-availability -absorbs your food and nutrients better.
    14. Relieves pain.
    15. Helps with stress -especially in the gut.
    16. Helps with elimination-promotes regularity.
    17. Cleanses, tones and regenerates the organs of the body.
    18. Increases the flexibility and suppleness in body.
    19. Regenerates the tissues in the body.
    1-800-888-2563 R-PURE ALOE $30.00 16 oz. retail.

    In recent test studies, it has shown that when the body has a pH balance factor for dumping heavy metals and chemicals. It seems there are different theories as to what the pH needs to be. This product, Alkatrace, is an inexpensive drop solution as a result of Dr. Theodore A. Baroody, Jr.'s research in this area. Alkatrace drops of 8 to 10 drops in an 8 oz. glass of water balances the pH, thus providing a simple way of using the drops for several days prior and during the process of detoxification of heavy metals.
    Dr. Ted Baroody - Waynesville, NC 828-456-6231 Alkatrace
  • Compiled and written by Lauana Lei 1-800-257-3315

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