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Mercury Poisoning Test

Bio Chelat (Bio Chelate)


Heavy Metal Oral Chelation


bio chelatFortunately, there is an alternative to synthetic (drug) chelation that is simple, effective, inexpensive, easy to use, has no side effects, is extremely safe even for those who are weak or have chronic illnesses, and is even more effective than drug chelation therapies in many cases. This alternative is Bio-Chelat.

Besides being one of the rare chelation products on the market which has clinical studies, Bio Chelat has as well obtained a government patent because of its efficiency without producing any side effects. This is very rare in the nutritional industry.

For those of you who have visited this web site before, you will recognize this as a new addition to our list of products that may have a beneficial and far-reaching effect on detoxifying and healing the body. While the clay baths mentioned below remove the heavy metals and chemicals from the tissues and organs of the body, the Bio-Chelat goes a step further and removes the "deeply stuck" metals from the tissues and organs, including, indirectly, mercury from the brain.

Methyl mercury can cross over the brain-blood barrier, where the Bio-Chelat picks it up in the blood stream and excretes it safely out of the body. The clay baths and the Bio-Chelat work in perfect tandem with each other: The clay baths removes metals and CHEMICALS from the tissues and organs in a very fast, safe and effective way, while the Bio-Chelat moves the deeply stuck metals (but not chemicals) from the tissues and organs, including the brain and central nervous system. Bio-Chelat is taken orally, a few drops at a time, for those who are too weak to do the clay detox baths or footbaths.

Bio-Chelat was introduced to us by Lauana Lei, the owner and founder of LL's Magnetic Clays. She has used this product extensively with her clients in conjunction with the clay baths. Bio-Chelat comes to us from Germany, where it was extensively studied and tested. Tests in Germany have proven its safety and effectiveness for children, the elderly and the chronically ill.

One important aspect of the Bio-Chelat is that it prevents toxic metals that you are currently being exposed to from being absorbed. For instance, if you have mercury amalgam fillings, you are releasing mercury ions into your system every time you chew. The Bio-Chelat grabs onto these ions and stops them from being absorbed in the first place. This is very important for people who do not have the means to remove their amalgam fillings or to detoxify their environment as optimally as possible.

In addition, many other chelators such as DMPS and DMSA often "lose" the heavy metal ions in the intestinal tract. This is why some people even after doing chelation are still sick years later - the metal ions were "dropped" by the chelators and then re-distributed throughout the body once again. The Bio-Chelat grabs onto the heavy metal ions including mercury ions, and does not let go of them, and they are excreted safely from the body.

Bio-Chelat is a strongly diluted EDTA substance containing other mineral salts. It is fully effective, has no side effects, does not affect the body's metabolism, blood serum levels, liver panels or intestinal function, and does not affect essential minerals such as calcium and magnesium levels as other chelating agents are known to do. In clinical studies done in Germany, only zinc was slighltly decreased, so we recommend supplementing with extra zinc while taking the Bio-Chelat.

Bio-Chelat is easy to administer - a few drops in spring water 3x/day and the cost is only $49.95 per bottle.

We highly recommend taking the Bio-chelat either alone or in addition to the clay baths for maximum easy and effective heavy metal detoxification.

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For more information or to ORDER ☎ 0411-597 094 or click here.
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For more information or to ORDER ☎ 0411-597 094 or click here.

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