Healing clay baths - detox your body with a simple clay bath
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Bath Clean-Up Choices


Most spas and in-house baths are using:

1) Sump Pumps or Vacuum Pumps to pump out the clay into the toilet or other area. However, there is the option of using

2) CDA's, our Clay Disolving Agents. (Each set contains two packets for use with each 2 1/2 cups of clay). Using this formula of 2 1/2 cups of clay per each SET of CDA's the amount for one 5-gallon bucket would be 28 sets of CDA's

3) Duck Tape on overflow drain and tub drain along with use of a "Drain Guard" and flat stopper found at any large hardware store for around $4.00 for the set. The "Drain Guard" as it is called at Lowe's Hardware is a plastic-like sieve that fits almost any drain with a large flat stopper over it. When the flat stopper is removed after the bath, the clay water goes through the "Drain Guard" sieve and catches any kind of clay lump that may not have been dissolved properly. If you do not have access to these we sell them (order).

Instructions for CDA's: CDA #1 packet is a smaller packet that is put into the tub first for 10 minutes and CDA #2 (larger packet) is added into the tub after the 10 minutes, for another 20 minutes to assist in re-dissolving the clay into liquid form and neutralizing many of the toxins and assisting in the clean-up of the baths.

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For more information or to ORDER ☎ 0411-597 094 or click here.
bulletWhich Bath to Use!!!bulletBio ChelatbulletHeavy Metal Screen Test
bulletInstructions Tub BathbulletInstructions Foot BathbulletInstructions Clay Packs
bulletChildren Detox Bathsbullet Clean-up Choices
bulletHealing Powers of ClaybulletBenefits of Healing ClaybulletScientific Tests Show ProofbulletClay Analysis bulletClay Baths SAVE $2000bulletPoisoning SymptomsbulletClay RejuvenationbulletSuggested Book List
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For more information or to ORDER ☎ 0411-597 094 or click here.

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