Healing clay baths - detox your body with a simple clay bath
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Mercury Poisoning Test

Suggested Book List


Toxic Immune Syndrome Cookbook - Dr. W. R. Kellas, Ph.D.

Thriving in a Toxic World by William R. Kellas PhD and Dr. Andrea Sharon Dworkin

Surviving the Toxic Crisis - Dr. William R. Kellas, Ph.D. and Dr. Andrea Sharon Dworkin, M.D.

Doctor's Secrets - The Miracle of Anti-Occident's by Donald M. Mcleod

The Road to Longevity by Dr. Donald M. McLeod, M.D. and Phillip A. Whit, M.D.

Detoxify or Die by Sherry A. Rodgers, M.D.Food & Behavior, A Natural Connection by Barbara Reed Stitt (a municipal court probation officer on the studies of child behavior and food)

Children with Starving Brains by Jacquelyn McCandless, M.D. (re:autism)Reversing Chronic Disease - Getting Well Again and Beating Alzheimer's by Tom Warren

Alkalize or Die by Theodore A. Bardoy, M.D.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - The Hidden Epidemic by Jesse A. Stoff, M.D. and Charles R. Pellegrino, Ph.D.Chronic Fatique, Fibromyalgia & Enviromental Illness by Burton GoldbergOwner vs. Force - The hidden Determinants of Human Behavior by David R. Hawkins, M.D. & Ph. D.Muscle Testing - The Truth Reflex by Dr. Sally St. John

Turning Lead into Gold : How Heavy Metal Poisoning Can Affect Your Child and How to Prevent and Treat It. by Nancy Hallaway, RN and Zigurts Strauts, M.D. Eric is Winning - Beating a terminal illness with nutrition, avoiding toxins and common sence. by Eric Edney (Self Published)

How to Neutralize the Harmful Effects of Radiation or Radioactive Exposure By Bill Bodri




For more information or to ORDER ☎ 0411-597 094 or click here.
bulletWhich Bath to Use!!!bulletBio ChelatbulletHeavy Metal Screen Test
bulletInstructions Tub BathbulletInstructions Foot BathbulletInstructions Clay Packs
bulletChildren Detox Bathsbullet Clean-up Choices
bulletHealing Powers of ClaybulletBenefits of Healing ClaybulletScientific Tests Show ProofbulletClay Analysis bulletClay Baths SAVE $2000bulletPoisoning SymptomsbulletClay RejuvenationbulletSuggested Book List
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For more information or to ORDER ☎ 0411-597 094 or click here.

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