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Mercury Poisoning Test



(And other Tremor Diseases)

  Contrary to popular belief that PARKINSON'S is genetic and an 'old age' disease, the AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION has just declared that the culprits for these devastating tremors are Pesticides, Herbicides, Insecticides, and various chemicals. (American Medical Association Publication 27 January 99).

Add to this stunning admission the fact that in my overcoming terminal cancer of the breast, throat, and liver, my friends and I discovered that the underlying poisons in my death-inviting disease were heavy metal toxicity (basic substances in Pesticides, Herbicides, and Insecticides). In 1990 - 1991, lab analyses of my blood and urine revealed a thriving mass of poisons in my body including: Dioxin, Mercury, Aluminum, Arsenic, Cadmium, Copper, Lead and several other chemicals. This factual revelation led me to a determined exploratory in several directions at once; that and (important to note) a quiet guidance, step by step, from other dimensions. During the period 1994 - 1996, a unique means of ridding me of these invasive metals emerged: an unprecedented combination of clays, herbs and spices that provided a natural means of drawing these vicious poisons from my body. My life was given back to me. To finally become 'clean' again was an ultimate experience incomparable to anything else in my life. To pay back this gift that gave me these extra years, I've taken all that special knowledge, expanded on it, put it to vigorous patient-applied tests and numerous scientific formula tests and now have extended it to include other metal and chemical caused diseases, among these focused particularly on Parkinson's. As most of us know, Parkinson's shaking palsy or, in extreme cases, paralysis, is a progressive disease of the nervous system in which essential nerve cells are destroyed.
The symptoms are initiated by an imbalance of chemicals in the brain so that messages between nerve cells that control muscle function become confused. In Parkinson's this disorientation results in muscular rigidity, cramping, involuntary tremors, impaired speech, a staring facial expression, drooling, a short shuffling gait and a characteristic 'pill-rolling' movement of the thumb and forefinger as they rub against each other.

Finally, the FDA approved Deprenyl, a drug which slows the progress of the disease for about a year. The head and hand tremors are the most noticeable improvement. However, Dr. Kurt W. Donsbach DC, ND, PhD in an article in Wellness Lifestyle (May, 1990) reported that an extensive exploratory into the effect of nutrients on Parkinson's was made with a control group in which megadoses of vitamins E and C were given. It appeared to postpone the effect on the incapacitating tremors and other symptoms. The evaluation revealed that the drug, Deprenyl, worked only 40% as well as the nutritional supplements.


Realize that 1.3 MILLION TONS of Pesticide, involving 50,000 pesticide combinations, are used each year in just the U.S., we are bound to be affected by them: by the air we breathe, the water we drink and, certainly, the food we eat. Many of the pesticides are used only for cosmetic purposes: i.e. making redder apples, unblemished peaches; redder tomatoes and more beautiful and more salable oranges.
In the book "Truth About Where You Live", by Benjamin A Goldman, he reports extensive studies of pesticides and chemical toxicity related to Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and Lou Gehrig's disease. He also.points out that the insidious motor neuron disease has been correlated with rural farming throughout the country. He says, "Symptoms of neurological impairment can range from drowsiness, depression, dizziness and confusion, to death. Pesticides can also cause immune system malfunctions. In 1980, the Environmental Protection Agency set up a SuperFund Program to dispose of 1,200 toxic waste locations that were 'potentially injurious' to man. In ten years, only 50 of these sites have been cleaned up. At the present rate, it will take another 230 years to dispose of the 1,150 remaining except that since 1990, there have been another 32,000 such waste dumps classified as potentially hazardous! Is there any wonder why we are faced with the challenges of polluted bodies!
In our continuing research, we have found many diseases DIRECTLY related to the toxic presence of chemicals and metals, not only identified with tremor-illnesses, but associated with severe allergic response and anti-immune diseases. (Sharma 1981)


Mercury poisoning, among others, often has several of the characteristics of Parkinson's: shakiness in the hands, feet, head, along with the twitching of the face, numbness and tingling in the extremities. It has, similarly, been associated with Candidiases, Epstein Barr, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFID) and occasionally, Fibromyalgia. In "God Helps Those That Help Themselves", by Hannah Kroeger., Edmund Fink says, "Mercury poisoning can cause damage to the basic ganglia of the brain which can make 'Parkinson-like symptoms.' Mercury can cause coarse, jerky movements, gross incoordination and can interfere with precise movements such as writing and eating." Although dental amalgams in the past have been considered safe, many are known to have generated allergic reactions, usually in the form of skin rashes. Of even greater concern are the cases of immune suppression and numerous toxic effects. One dentist experimentally removed amalgam fillings from three patients and observed an increase in the proportion of T-cells. When the amalgam was restored, the T-cell percentages dropped again. This study suggests that amalgam fillings chronically depresses these vital fighting cells in the immune system. (Eggleston 1984). (Reduced T-cell percentages increase the risk of cancer, other infectious and anti-immune diseases.)
PLEASE NOTE: Nickel, a known carcinogen (cancer-producing) metal, is also used in dental work and likewise has an adverse effect on T-cell percentages. (Maximum Immunity by Michael A. Weiner, Ph. D.)


In the Harvard Health Letter, (Oct. 1990, Vol 15, No. 11), studies found that "Aluminum accumulates in lesions in the brains of Alzheimer's patients. It builds up in degenerating nerve fibers (neuritic plaques) and shriveled filaments inside the cells (neurofibrary tangles).
According to Louise Gittleman in HOW TO STAY YOUNG AND HEALTHY IN A TOXIC WORLD, The major areas where aluminum accumulates is in the brain, kidneys, and GI tract. And in his book, FIGHTING RADIATION, Steve Schnechter, N.D. not only indicates aluminum's connection with Alzheimer's, depression, constipation and Schiziphrenia, but says "Like many of the other environmental toxins, aluminum has cumulative effects in the human body - what started out at age fifteen as occasional headaches may by age fifty be Parkinson's disease." He adds that people who eat animal foods such as meats, poultry, and dairy are regularly ingesting higher concentrations of aluminum.


Arsenic exposure causes numbness of the limbs and loss of coordination as part of its long list of symptoms. It is found in heavy industrial areas in the air, water, pesticides, insecticides and is associated with Epilepsy, Arthritis, and Arteriosclerosis. (Arsenic and Your Environment, Dr. Bara Fischer, 1986).


Pesticides, paint, water and a long list of domestic products commonly contain lead and long exposure to it leads to tremors, twitching of the face muscles, jerking of the limbs, confusion, mania, seizures; a tremendous list of symptoms. The metal affects more than 1.7 million young children. In 1991, lead poisoning was referred to as the most common and socially devastating environmental disease of young children. Even in small amounts, lead poisoning damages children's brains, slowing their mental capacities and lowering their intelligence level. Note particularly, that it is directly associated with Epilepsy and kidney cancer.


Cadmium, like , is dangerously pervasive in our air, food, and water and is also a cumulative poison that can cause a wide range of toxicity symptoms. A principal source is again, the pesticides. Significant amounts are found in cigarette smoke. Other common sources are smoke from burning of wastes, wood, garbage, etc.; industrial effluents, plastics, fertilizers, auto exhaust, refined foods, coffee, and be forewarned: The first water out of the tap each day, hot tap water, and water from galvanized or black plastic pipes contain cadmium. It is also associated with hypertension (high blood pressure).


The Parkinson's-like tremors are, likewise, also associated with the toxic substance, Fluorine/Fluoride.. It particularly affects the kidneys and promotes low blood pressure. It causes the muscles to become flabby and degenerated. Fluoride destroys our will to live! "Many commercial toothpastes contain cavity-fighting fluoride. Each one of these tubes contains 1,000 - 2,000 mgs. of fluoride, enough to kill a small child who might eat the whole contents." (Journal of Pediatrics 1987) People taking tablets containing one-half of one milligram of fluoride per day (the amount found in 1 to 2 pints of fluoridated water) can expect to experience: Black tar-like stools, stiffness, bloody vomit, diarrhea, faintness, nausea and vomiting, shallow breathing, stomach cramps or pain, tremors, unusual excitement, unusual increase in saliva, watery eyes, weakness, constipation, loss of appetite, pain and aching bones, skin rash, and sores in the mouth and on the lips. (US Pharmacopia Volumes on Drug Information 1983 quotes Hannah Kroeger's book, GOD HELPS THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES.)


Seven children in Woburn, MA died of leukemia because of industrial chemicals in their drinking water. (A CIVIL ACTION by Jonathon Harr). Children seem more susceptible to these toxic chemicals than adults. Virtually all industrial pollutions, metals, chemicals, pesticides, insecticides play a major role in depressing and breaking down our immune system and are the source of 85% - 95% of all diseases. (Dr. Bara H. Fischer, 1986, On Arsenic In your Environment.)


In recent years, alternative means of protecting or ridding the body from these toxic poisons have begun to prove a natural means of protecting us from these hazards.


- Get an reputable water filter and a well designed air ionizer for your home and your office. The air and water elements are of extreme importance in generating a poisonous-free lifestyle.
- TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR RESEARCH. Start clearing toxic poisonous substance from your body. Great success has been achieved with very special clay baths where the poisons are magnetically (naturally) pulled from your body. The metals in your system are naturally positively charged which means that our negatively charged clay formulae automatically attract the metals and chemicals, pulling the injurious substances out through your pores to bind with the clay and its various herbs and spices. (PLEASE NOTE: There are several hundred types of clay. Most of them do not have the magnetic action we have found in ours.)
- Environmental Detox Clay Bath: assists in removing industrial and chemical poisons including DDT, lead, pesticides, insecticides, vaccination poisons and radiation.
- Arsenic Detox Clay Bath: assists in clearing arsenic.
- Aluminum Detox Clay Bath: assists in removing aluminum and other metals.
- Mercury/Dental Detox Clay Bath: assists in removing mercury.
- Smoker's/Drug Detox Clay Bath: assists in removing numerous chemicals and drugs found in tobacco, smoke; especially cadmium.
- Tox-Away assists in clearing radiation, Lead, Acid Rain, & toxic metals.
- Clear-Out assists in cleaning situations associated with metal and chemical toxicity.

We suggest the Environmental Detox Clay Bath to remove the pesticides and in certain cases, the Dental/Mercury Detox Bath. We also suggest your checking on the Manganese in your diet! In Louise Gittleman's book, HOW TO LIVE LONGER AND STAY HEALTHY IN A TOXIC WORLD: "Manganese is essential to the formation of certain enzymes, helps the reproductive system, assists in blood sugar regulation and supports ligaments, discs, and bones. IN EXCESS, however, manganese can be toxic and develop 'manganese madness'. The initial symptoms include exhaustion, a trance-like hypnotic state, tremendous irritability and erratic behavior with wild emotional swings, hallucinations and impotence. Some develop symptoms resembling those of Parkinson's disease," says Louise. Too much manganese may be a big clue to check out for Parkinson's and related tremor diseases. According to Hannah Kroeger, Master Herbalist, sage herb is excellent for reducing salivation in Parkinson's disease.


"A diet of fresh vegetables, fruits, and whole-grain products and fluids to promote good digestion. Soft or pureed foods to ease swallowing. If taking levodopa, cut back on high protein foods." (Foods That Harm, Foods That Heal by Reader's Digest)
A periodic cleansing diet is a simple 3-day diet using green beans, zucchini, parsley, and celery. Check out our section on recipes & also refer to the Toxic Metal Level Chart listing the toxic metals associated with various diseases and the antidotes that assist in eliminating the metals or chemicals.
We suggest you begin with simple clay baths.


I was 'guided' to bring this ancient, natural means of healing back into our heavily polluted world. . ..to heal myself first and then, as a payback, provide it as a solution for as many as will listen. Our health problems of today are monumental and growing day by day and must be addressed!

CAROL F. (North Carolina)
"I've been working to remove the heavy metals from my body for a long time while I've suffered with chronic fatigue and joint pain. After taking my first clay bath, which was the radiation bath, ALL THE PAIN WENT AWAY which I'd had for a year.

JULIE K. (North Carolina)
"After being disabled for over thirty years by mercury amalgam and the chronic fatigue syndrome, I began a strenuous medical program for mercury detox. During the time, my condition improved only slightly. However, after four clay baths, MY FATIGUE SIMPLY DISAPPEARED! I find myself sleeping six hours a night. My mind is much clearer. I feel reborn! I can unequivocally say that the baths have relieved my body of its toxicity and turned my fatigue around."

CAROL K. (North Carolina)
" To reduce my toxic metals (, mercury and arsenic) I had forty EDTA chelation treatments, eight DMPS mercury detox chelation treatments and two sets of DMSA oral treatments in a period of two years. Further tests revealed, in a ten hour urine test from a reputable lab, high , mercury, and arsenic. My medical doctor recommended five of LL'S special Detox Clay Baths (three arsenic detox and two mercury). After these baths, tests (urine and EAV) showed that the LEAD, ARSENIC and MERCURY WERE BELOW AVERAGE. These baths really work!"


The French naturopath, Raymond Dextreit, believes that the clay's powers transcend its purely physical properties. "From a thermodynamic point of view," he writes, " clay cannot be the sole source of the energy of the phenomena it produces. Clay is . . . a dynamic presence, a catalyst rather than an agent itself. This is possible because THE CLAY IS ALIVE. These toxins cannot resist being drawn toward the clay." Bring you and your body back to life!

Losing those metal poisons that threatened to terminate my existence were very important moments of my life! I didn't realize it fully then, but I do now! I know I was given an extraordinary opportunity not only to heal myself, but also to pass it on to others. PLEASE TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR FINDINGS AND LIVE LONGER!


Lauana Lei is a world traveler, health researcher and free-lance writer on health and environmental issues.
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