Healing clay baths - detox your body with a simple clay bath
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Mercury Poisoning Test



Clay Baths products assist in detoxing mercury, lead and etc poisoning.


The Following is from the book; ERIC IS WINNING, Beating a Terminal Illness with Nutrition, by Eric Edney, who has been diagnosed with ALS. This is what Eric says about LL's Magnetic Clay.

"LL's Magnetic Clay may be the best Bentonite Clay for bathing and detoxifying the body. A group of people caring for autistic children applied this new treatment with some success. Apparently autism is caused by toxins just like the toxins cause ALS and many other neurological illnesses."

Carlette B. (Texas)
" The results of my first bath was very good. The immediate things that I noticed is my skin cleared up from the bumps that were on my forehead. Also...my open wound where the left breast was (breast was removed), had even less drainage than usual. Because I don't have a water filter system, I put 8 oz. of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide in the water for some purification."

Johanna Y. (South Carolina)
" I truly love to have the clay baths. The itch on my legs cleared away, also pain on my arms and legs. I recommend anyone who has trouble with mercury, aluminum, chlorine, or copper to try the clay baths. You will not be sorry you did. I am 81 years old."

Janet M. (North Carolina)
" I have had a series of 5 clay baths, some for Environmental toxins, some for Arsenic poisoning, but mostly for mercury. I feel wonderful, have much more energy and I am beginning to tap into my inner source of joy. I highly recommend a series of baths for boosting your immune system and the spirit."

CAROL F. (North Carolina)
" I've been working to remove the heavy metals from my body for a long time while I've suffered with chronic fatigue and joint pain. After taking my first clay bath, which was the Radiation Bath, ALL THE PAIN WENT AWAY which I'd had for a year."

JULIE H. (North Carolina)
" After being disabled for over thirty years by mercury amalgam and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I began a strenuous medical program for mercury detox. During the time, my condition improved only slightly. However, after four clay baths, MY FATIGUE SIMPLY DISAPPEARED! I find myself sleeping six hours a night. My mind is much clearer. I feel reborn! I can unequivocally say that the baths have relieved my body of its toxicity and turned my fatigue around."

CAROL K. (North Carolina)
" To reduce my toxic metals (mercury and arsenic), I had forty EDTA chelation treatments, eight DMPS mercury detox chelation treatments, and two sets of DMSA oral treatments in a period of two years. Further tests revealed, in a twenty-four hour urine test from a reputable lab, high , mercury, and arsenic. My medical doctor recommended five of LL's special detox claybaths (three arsenic detox and two mercury). After these baths, tests (urine and EAV) showed that the LEAD, ARSENIC and MERCURY WERE BELOW AVERAGE. These baths really work!"

Ted P. (Pennsylvania)
"The feeling was so amazing that I can't adequately describe it!  My first bath was a tremendous shock as MY TASTE RETURNED.... after having been gone for years!"

Rebecca C. (N. Carolina)
" I was scheduled for surgery for a spider bite from a brown recluse spider. With several clay packs on for 24 hours each time, four days later the surgery was canceled. The spider bite was healed."

Cheryl O. (Connecticut)
"I FELT VERY PEACEFUL AND CALM AFTERWARDS... For me the clay baths offer a cheaper, less invasive and harsh way to rid my body of mercury toxins.

Christopher B. (North Carolina)
"As an ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease) patient with both mercury and toxicity...I did notice significant lessening of my fatigue and somewhat better muscle functioning after the bath."

Michael C. (North Carolina)
"I felt extremely relaxed after the bath.  I slept well that night and woke well rested and energized.  My chest felt more relaxed the next day, not nearly as tight as my asthma had made it the previous 3 days.  I felt lighter the next morning."

Jazmyn (Florida)
"I DON'T EVEN LIKE THE TASTE OF CIGARETTES ANYMORE!" (Two days after taking LL's Smoker's/Drug Detoxifying bath)

Tillie A. (Ohio)
"I COULD HARDLY BELIEVE WHAT I SAW IN THE TUB after my clay bath.  How could all 'that' come out of my body?"



For more information or to ORDER ☎ 0411-597 094 or click here.
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For more information or to ORDER ☎ 0411-597 094 or click here.

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