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Mercury Poisoning Test



Effects On Health


There are two types of radiation, according to Lita Lee, author of Radiation Protection Manual. They are ionizing and non-ionizing radiation. The ionizing radiation is more damaging because it is of a higher energy than non-ionizing radiation and produces charged particles called ions, either negative ions (the good "guys") or positive ions (the bad ones). Ionizing radiation is produced from nuclear bombs, nuclear reactors, medical and dental x-rays, and is the type of radiation used to irradiate food. The non-ionizing radiation includes electromagnetic radiation produced by electric current, radiowaves, microwave ovens, radar stations, television (cathode ray tube), video display terminals (VDT's) computers, high voltage lines, infrared and fluorescent lights, and sunlamps (e.g. tanning booths which emit ultraviolet light). (VDT's have some of each type of radiation (ionizing and non-ionizing), but they are considered mainly NIR. Very interestingly, Lita Lee mentions that cigarettes are also a source of radioactivity! Recent research at the Massachusetts Medical Center indicates that a pack and a half a day smoker gets a yearly dose of radiation in parts of his lungs equal to what his skin would be exposed in about 300 chest x-rays! Scientists are beginning to find out how much harm the radioactive isotopes in cigarettes do. We are living in an age where everything we eat, breathe and drink is contaminated in one way or another. Pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, heavy metals (cadmium, mercury, , arsenic, etc.), depleted soils full of chemicals, polluted water, asbestos, smog, cigarette smoke, and radiation are just a few of the contaminants in our every day living. The effects on humans results in a body producting FREE RADICALS. And what do free radicals produce? Cancer, aging, heart disease, environmental illness, inflammatory processes such as arthritis, and allergic reactions.Radiation produces excess free radicals by forcing molecules, especially oxygen and hydrogen, to tear apart into halves, each one with one electron, each one then a free radical. Since oxygen and hydrogen, or air and water, are so common in our environment and life, it is easy to see the danger of turning them into free radicals. All forms of radiation produce free radicals in this manner. Interestingly enough, many of the known toxic chemicals and heavy metals in our environment mediate their damage through the production of free radicals. According to Louise Tenney in her book, NUTRITIONAL GUIDE, RADIATION POISONING SUPPRESSES AN ALREADY WEAKENED IMMUNE SYSTEM, a person may experience radiation burns, scarring, fatigue, and a great strain on the immune system, when undergoing radiation therapy. She says that radiation destroys many nutrients in the body.

Radiation and ELF, the Invisible Health Threat

You cannot see it, hear it, or smell it, yet harmful extremely low frequencies (ELF), a form of radiation, is invading our homes and workplaces and causing allergic reactions, convulsions, fatigue, hypertension, migraines, dizziness, disorders of the central nervous system, emotional instability, reduction of sexual capability, and loss of memory, to name a few symptoms. In 1987, ELF was linked to the cause of 10% to 15% of all childhood cancers! Common household and office devices such as computer terminals, electric razors, telephones, toasters, furnace fans, hair dryers, electric blankets, water beds, garage door openers, refrigerators, cellular phones, automobile engines, and many more devices were found to leak harmful ELF frequencies which are destructive to biological systems. Extremely Low Frequencies (ELF) range from 1-60 cycles or Hertz. The human body uses good frequencies between 6-9 Hertz. Frequencies outside this range cause biological damage to all living organisms!

Scientific Research

Scientists from the United States, Canada and the Soviet Union have conducted research into the effects of exposure to electromagnetic pollution. Soviet scientists suggest exposure from these common household appliances and devices can cause disorders to the Central Nervous System. American and Canadian scientists have demonstrated negative effects on animals such as changes in metabolism and immune systems. The American scientific community also has demonstrated that electromagnetic pollution/radiation adversely affects laboratory animals reproductive capabilities, is a biological stressor, slows down the cell duplication process, entrains the human mind, causes chromosome damage that could to birth defects, causes bone tumors in mice, and slows the heartbeat of exposed salmon and eel. The Environmental Protection Agency considers electronic smog a "major concern", while the Government Accounting Office considers electromagnetic pollution a "potential harm to the public health." ELF interacts within the DNA cell and can "turn on" or "turn off" or reverse the RNA transcription process within the DN. For example, one frequency has been shown to "turn off" the insulin producing process in the pancreas; cause depression in humans by causing the release of cholinergic neuropeptides in the brain; or cause anxiety, and other symptoms. As early as 1978, a summary of ELF research by prestigeous educational institutions, showed that laboratory animals exposed to harmful ELF caused cell death, altered growth, behavior and physiology, and caused death. In 1984, the Navy released a seven year study showing exposure to harmful electromagnetic frequencies resulted in altering the behavior of cells, tissues, organs and organisms; altered hormone levels', altered reaction time of irreversable chemical processes; altered cell chemistry, induced sleep in animals; affected immune processes, affected calcium ION bonding in cells; suppressed cylic AMP production, entrained human brain waves; caused defects and alterations in chick embryos; caused sterility in male animals; and caused up to six times higher fetus mortaility rate in laboratory animals as compared to the control group. In 1987, scientists statistically linked ordinary power lines and commonly used household dvices to causing an increase in human cancer!.

Symptoms of Radiation Poisoning

When children have an overdose of radiation, they will vomit up to two or three times, thrashing their head back and forth. They are restless in the upper part of the body or complain of their legs and hands or feet are aching. This is when you suspect they have radioactive fallout. Adult symptoms are vomiting, stomach and intestinal upset, and sometimes serious headaches. Usually there is also an inner quaking, a feeling of deep inner anxiety or tremering.

Some Solutions and Indicators

If you suspect radiation within yourself or your environment, there are some ways to remedy the situation. One is the amazing Spiderwort plant, also known as Tradescantiassp. It is one of the best biological or living indicators of radiation and chemical pollution. Studies have shown that in just twelve to thirteen days after being contaminated with even low "safe" doses of radiation or hazardous chemicals, its normally blue stamen hairs begin mutating pink. The greater the ontamination by toxins, the more the flower mutates. The great advantage of the spiderwort is that it absorbs toxins internally and can even store them, much like a mammal. echanicalindicators measure temporary external levels of contamination only. The spiderwort may give a more meaningful measure of the cumulative effect of contamination on all living biological systems. Since 1974, Spiderwort has been successfully and repeated tested in Japan as as a reliable indicator of radiation. The research studies performed by radiation geneticists at the Kyoto and Saitama Universities in Japan and the Biology Department of Brookhaven National Laboratory in Upton, New York, have shown that this plant has the unique characteristic of being able to detect low levels of radiation and dangerous chemical mutagens in the environment. There are also devices called dosimeters used to monitor routine emissions, but measure only gamma radiation, not alpha or beta. The dosimeters, from research, measure the external gamma ray dose for living organisms, whicle the Spiderworts were showing the absorbed dose. The research showed that the radiation level monitored by the dosimeters represents only a part, probably a minor part, of the actual absorbed dose, (external and internal) in living organisms. The experiments demonstrated that low levels of radiation can accumulate and concentrate in living tissue, causing extensive genetic damage, include genetic mutations. (Information from, FIGHTING RADIATION, by Steven R. Schechter, N.D.)

Another simple way to assist in the removal of radiation is to make a simple tea from the culinary herb, Thyme. Use one level tablespoon of Thyme to one pint of boiling water and steep for twenty minutes. After cooling and straining it, suggested recipes say to drink two cups a day. The tea also works toward cleansing and building the blood lymphatics and the thyroid and thymus, in addition to assisting in the elimination of radiation poisoning! Kelp has also been known to help reduce radiation poisoning. A very effective and relaxing way to assist in the clearing processes of radiation from the body is to take a radiation detox bath. These baths include a tried and true, old-time, natural formula containing specialty clays such as Aulterra Clay, (which was tested on Chernobyl victims.) It was found to remove and radiation from the body within 18 hours, and seemed to help clear the body of radiation more quickly! In addition the bath has herbs and spices known to enhance the removal of radiation from the body such as the aforementioned Thyme.

Tests reveal that LL's Magnetic Clay Baths also remove radiation. The Environmental Bath Kit is suggested for radiation exposure.

Lauana Lei

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